Ultra Feeds
Ultra Feeds are precisely and scientifically formulated to take optimal care of your horses at each stage of life. Ten formulas to choose from, covering breeding stock, babies, yearlings, performance horses, and retirees… each have a formula designed to specifically meet their needs.

Gold Medal Feeds
Gold Medal Feeds are for hardworking athletes of every discipline. Inspired by the specific Pennfield feeds chosen by Olympians, the unique combination of ingredients in each feed delivers the caloric and nutrient support elite athletes need to give their absolute all in every competition. Four maximum-calorie formulas to choose from.

Specialty Feeds
Specialty Feeds are unique, highly scientific formulations that address specific illnesses such as laminitis, situations such as sales preparation, and general “needs extra help” type horses. Four formulas to choose from, including the most popular feed Pennfield makes: Fibregized, known as “miracle in a bag” by many customers.